TinyGreenGardens.com is all about fairy, moss and miniature gardens. It is a small site being operated by two friends who have a love of gardening and enjoy adding bits of whimsy to our lives whenever possible. Tiny green gardens is where we share our adventures in tiny gardening – both successful and not so successful.

It is our hope that we can bring a bit of common sense to tiny worlds populated by fairies without losing any of the magic or enchantment. We firmly believe that too many of the fairy gardening sites make beautiful little gardens without regard for whether or not the plants will actually live more than a few weeks. One popular terrarium book even states that their terrariums are designed to be centerpieces and treated like cut flowers – enjoyed for a while and then thrown away when the plants die. One of our goals is to share information from our own experiences and that of others to hopefully ensure that your tiny green gardens will remain vibrant and healthy, when given the appropriate care.

One of us, that would be Michele, is a writer by trade. She loves to do research and tries to offer something extra in every article she writes. It is her joy to learn something new and share that information with others. You might be surprised at what bits of trivia she manages to find and weave in amongst our tiny green gardens.

We review and recommend miniature gardening products to help with building and decorating your own gardens. Some of the items are on our personal wish lists and others we have purchased for our own enjoyment or the purposes of reviewing them for you. Our reviews are always our own and we buy the items on the open market.

Tiny Green Gardens will also include helpful tutorials and articles for the miniature gardening enthusiast. Don’t miss our growing library of terrarium plant guides. Learn more about many of the plants being sold for tiny gardens, their specific water and light needs, and what other plants they will happily grow with. We’ll also try to include warnings about some of the terrarium and fairy gardening plants that may eventually outgrow your garden and those that shouldn’t be planted together.

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