Fairy Garden Accessories

Looking for fairy garden accessories, decorations or tools? We will be sharing with you great finds for adding all sorts of cuteness to your tiny green gardens that you can make yourself or easily find on Amazon.com. You’ll watch over our shoulders as we attempt making some of the uber cute things found on Pinterest and other places around the web and in the real world.

Much of what makes fairy gardens, terrariums and moss gardens so charming are the little figurines, fencing and other accessories we decorate them with. Some we can make ourselves, some things are beyond our skill set or require expensive things like kilns. We’ll cover both those things you can make and those you can purchase.

As to tiny green gardening tools, sure we could make do with raiding the silverware drawer but I doubt you’ll have a miniature plant-sized clippers or snips in there. Forks work only marginally well as a rake – they’re bent the wrong way. And, do you really want to use your nice fabric scissors on the woody stems of you thyme plants? We’ll be sharing some of our finds that offer tools that work well in terrariums and other small environments.

Gift Ideas for Fairy Gardeners & Bird Lovers

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A bird-lover’s edition of gift ideas for fairy gardeners. Give a gift you know they’ll love and will add a bit of charm and whimsy to their fairy gardens.

Fairy Garden Greenhouse

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New find today…fairy garden greenhouses! They are super cool and super cute. Definitely on my list for Santa this year.

Miniature Palm Trees

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I talked once before about making palm trees but the ones included in the Romantic Aegean Sea Beach House Kit are way cuter. Best of all, I think you can purchase all of the supplies and duplicate them fairly easily. The miniature palm trees are made with three strands of wire, a bit of paper […]

Buying Gnomes for Fairy Gardens

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Buying gnomes for fairy gardens can be tricky. They’re often made for regular gardens or kinda ugly. Looking beyond the garden center will lead to finding some real cuties.

Aegean Sea Miniature House Construction

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Miniature house construction from a wonderful kit. The Aegean Sea Beach House kit includes a house less than 3 inches tall, full of charm and fine details.

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