Terrariums just might be the original tiny green gardens. Whether under glass or just living inside it, terrariums bring a bit of the outside in. They can house a single plant or can recreate an entire ecosystem. On Tiny Green Gardens, we share our adventures in creating terrariums, maintaining them and other helpful information to create your own.

Unlike many of the other sites talking about terrariums, we’ll keep you updated as to how our’s is faring. After all, anyone can make a beautiful display of plants if they don’t care it they live much longer than it takes to photograph them.

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frosted fern photo from Forest and Starr

Frosted Fern

Filed under: Miniature Plants Terrariums

All it took was the question, “What is the plant in that picture?” and off I went to find out. It appears to be a frosted fern. While not truly a fern, it is a most interesting plant. Learn about caring for one and where to buy a frosted fern.

Gnats and little white balls

Filed under: Terrariums

Ack, my two moss terrariums are being invaded – one by fungus gnats and the other by mysterious white spheres in dirt. Might have a fix for one at least.

My Miracle Gro Had Fungus Gnats

Filed under: Terrariums

My Miracle Grow dirt came with something extra. Ideas for getting rid of fungus gnats in terrariums and other houseplants.

5 Common Terrarium Mistakes

Filed under: Terrariums

5 common terrarium mistakes and some advice on how to avoid making them. Don’t let your plants turn into a pile of goo because you did not do your homework.

Making a Terrarium – Where to Buy the Supplies

Filed under: Terrariums

Planning on making a terrarium? Don’t run all over town like we did to find the supplies you’ll need, we’ll show you the one place you can get everything.

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