Terrariums just might be the original tiny green gardens. Whether under glass or just living inside it, terrariums bring a bit of the outside in. They can house a single plant or can recreate an entire ecosystem. On Tiny Green Gardens, we share our adventures in creating terrariums, maintaining them and other helpful information to create your own.

Unlike many of the other sites talking about terrariums, we’ll keep you updated as to how our’s is faring. After all, anyone can make a beautiful display of plants if they don’t care it they live much longer than it takes to photograph them.

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Vivariums with Animals

Filed under: Terrariums

Vivariums with animals. An overview of the different types of vivariums and what creatures and plant life are often maintained in them.

What are terrariums? Part II

Filed under: Terrariums

Answering the question what are terrariums starts with how these mini ecosystems work and how moisture control is only one part of the equation for success.

What is a Terrarium?

Filed under: Terrariums

We answer the question, ‘What is a terrarium’ and explain how they were invented almost 200 years ago by an amateur botanist.

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