Moss Gardens - Experiments in Tiny Gardens & Source Materials

my-little-moss-gardenI’ve always found moss fascinating. The way it grows on flat surfaces like a carpet. How it can have teeny little leaves or fronds like grass.

Along with the renewed interest in terrariums, more and more people are creating moss gardens. Gardeners have beenĀ using it to naturalize outdoor spaces for years but adding moss to fairy gardens and terrariums is something that has become wildly popular in the last few years.

I don’t claim to be an expert. Like so many others, I am still trying to find my way to keeping my bits of fuzzy green-ness growing. My first moss garden turned into a massive stink pot when a family member put it into the sun. I had a bit of water sitting among the rocks and ended up growing a luscious bloom of algae. Yuck.

I’m extending my moss gardens to a pair of simple experiments as well as residents of my terrarium and fairy garden. I will be trying out the recommendations of experts and letting you know if I find things that work well, work somewhat or fail completely. I’ll also share with you some places you can purchase things for your own moss gardens online.

It’s my ultimate hope that we can learn about moss gardening together and create the perfect ecosystems to keep these wonderful little plants alive and thriving.

Flame Moss

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What do flame moss and teeny shrimp have in common? They both do well in tiny underwater gardens. Learn more about this aquatic plant and where to buy it.

Mystery Moss

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It’s one of the most common and yet it took me hours to figure out my mystery moss was common haircap. Photos and plant info included.

Moss Garden in a Glass

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Pretty little moss garden in a glass is part of an experiment on trying to grow different harvested mosses inside in a variety of containers and environments.

Dinosaur Garden

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My little moss and dinosaur garden in a decorative glass joined by several other great options for children and adults to build their own dinosaur gardens.

Moss Garden #1 of the 2015 Moss Garden Experiment

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My first moss garden of 2015. A bit of fern moss, Fruticose lichen and some tree moss gathered from our garden.

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