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Mini Ferns for Terrariums and Fairy Gardens

It seems that fairies and ferns just somehow go together. Ferns are not always available in local garden centers. Finding miniature ferns for terrariums and fairy gardens is even more difficult; not to mention expensive. Some specialty garden shops sell single miniature fern plants for $6 or $7 dollars each.

Or, you can check out Amazon where one vendor is offering 10 fern plants in 2 inch pots suitable for fairy gardens and terrariums. You can purchase an assortment of 10 different plants in 2″ Pots from Hirt’s Gardens, a company that has been around since 1915.

The photograph is provided by Hirt’s and is meant to represent the types of plants you will receive. Please note that the plants you receive may differ slightly from those shown as the plants being shipped vary seasonally.

Another source for buying miniature ferns for terrariums online is Josh’s Frogs. I’ve ordered plants from them in the past. I can tell you that they guarantee what they sell and truly care that the customer is happy. They offer a similar collection of fern plants as well as a number of listings for individual plants.

Tips on Buying Mini Ferns for Terrariums Online

  • Pay attention to the descriptions and maybe do some research before you buy miniature ferns for terrariums. Some ferns are slow growing and short while others could quickly grow out of your terrarium. I saw one site selling a young Boston fern as a terrarium plant. Definitely not a terrarium plant. ¬†Boston ferns are those big, lush, beautiful plants that often hang on the front porches of homes in the Southeastern United States.
  • Not every fern species likes a moist environment. Some terrarium plant vendors are selling plants which will not do well in a closed environment.
  • Some ferns prefer a bit of air circulation, again, do your homework before you buy ferns to put in a closed terrarium.
  • Plant shipments should be opened immediately. Even during ideal weather conditions, shipped plants may dry out, freeze or escape their pots.
  • Some buyers have reported that plants shipped during extremely hot or cold periods¬†arrived with cold/hot packs and their plants arrived in good shape. Don’t assume that the vendor you buy from will do the same. Ask first and try to arrange for the shortest delivery schedule you can afford.
  • Ferns are generally plants that require natural light but do not require a great deal of sun. Putting your mini ferns in prolonged direct sunlight might kill them. That said, some ferns will thrive with a bit more sunshine.
  • If including miniature ferns in a terrarium or fairy garden with other types of plants, make sure they have similar water and light requirements.
  • These fern bundles, while they don’t provide the ability to pick and choose plants, are a great cost-saving option. I’ve seen individual miniature fern plants being sold in nurseries and florists for as much as $5 and $7 a piece.

2 Responses to Mini Ferns for Terrariums and Fairy Gardens

  1. Jami Lind says:

    In the above fern bundle what is the name of the plant n the bottom row far left? Thank you!

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      Hi Jami,

      Sorry I took so long replying. I believe I found the plant you are asking about. It’s often called a frosted fern. I’ve admired it too and am sorry I didn’t grab one when I had the chance last year.

      I’ve added a post so that we can all learn more about these lovely plants and how to care for them. I invite you to visit – Frosted Ferns.


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