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  1. Michele says:

    Thank you for the kind words Lori. Good luck as you jump into the world of tiny green things and the adventure that is AA.

  2. Lori says:

    Just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you that I LOVE your site! I found you on an amazon associate bulletin board and clicked to see the site.

    So very well done. And, since I’m about to step into the world of tiny green gardens, I’m glad to have found you.

    Nice work. Lori

  3. Susanne says:

    Hi, I picked up lots of different moss while with my daughter last October. It’s gorgeous and I came home and made a gorgeous terrarium. Can this moss be revived or should I settle on it just being greenish?

    I figured it was dead, so it’s not a working terrarium.

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      I have read a number of websites where they say moss doesn’t die and can be revived. I’ve tried several different techniques and haven’t found one that brings back the beautiful green color. Haven’t given up yet and will definitely share if I do ever actually find a way to make it work.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I’m looking to purchase dicarum scoparium (broom moss?). Do you know where to find it?
    Thank you.

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      Among my sources, the only option that I’ve found so far is a terrarium in a bottle kit that comes with dormant broom moss. If you are looking for a grassy-like moss and it doesn’t have to be dicarum scoparium, you might want to look at some folks are calling mood moss. Good luck with your hunt.

  5. Liz says:

    I have algae below the soil on my glass. Perhaps it is too moist although I am not watering and when I see condensation I wipe away or open the lid for air flow. But I would like to deal with the algae without having to pull the garden apart. Any suggestions

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      Hmm, algae below the soil? Do they look like the little white balls I had – white fungus balls? I dumped so much random stuff on those that I’m not sure what actually killed them off. Might have just been a time thing.

      If it’s green algae and smells, and with your comment on condensation, sounds like your terrarium is getting too much sun. A family member had me put one of my first tiny green garden in the sunshine – “All plants need sunshine.” Was the oh-so-helpful comment. I ended up with a swampy, stinky green mess growing in the rocks. Thankfully, it was only bits and pieces from our woods. But, I ended up losing everything.

      I’m not an expert but you could try letting it dry out more and hope that does it. If, you have anything special planted in it, I might consider removing it before you lose it. Sorry, wish I had a better suggestion for you.

  6. Charlie says:

    Hello. I have just been reading your post about the different types of moss (preserved,live,dried).

    I am currently making little fantasy habitats in glass jars where everything is for decorative purposes. Some of the jars are sealed and the main focus of my jars is the figurines I make to put inside.

    I brought this moss here :

    It is described as artificial/dried and also as being made from silk cloth but when I received it, it definitely smells very real and even has bits of dirt in so I am a bit confused about it, I am guessing it is either preserved or dried so my question is could I run into trouble using this in my sealed jars if it is infact real? My first one I made was a couple of weeks ago and there seems to be no sign of change in the moss.

    Thank you

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      Sorry Charlie for the late response. Your experience was why I decided to write this post. I suspect even some of the sellers don’t truly understand their own products.

      I know it’s been months since you asked this question. I wish I had seen it sooner but I was out of commission when you asked it.

      If the moss came in an airtight container and you are planning on putting it in another air tight container, I would think it would retain its color. It’s usually when you start watering the dried mosses that they awaken and then often brown.

      Hopefully, whatever it is you ended up getting from Aliexpress, it proved useful for your project. I hope you got something that looks as lovely as the photo does.

  7. robert clark says:

    I bought a piece of art work that has moss on it. We were told to just spritz the itum occasionally. I’m worried that the moss is dieing it’s getting dark spots. What would you recommend to do to take better care of the moss.

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I suspect, by now, that the moss has gone totally brown. Sadly, there are many decorators and artists using live moss in their items knowing it won’t stay pretty and green. I’m still learning how to keep moss alive indoors. It needs constant tending and care. And, it needs the right blend of air flow, moisture and light. I’ve been close but I was ill for a time last year and unfortunately couldn’t properly tend to my tiny gardens. Will be trying again, come spring.

  8. Shane says:

    Hi do you ship to Canada? I’m after a variety of mosses and lichens.

    Many thanks.

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      I don’t sell the items directly. I’ve either bought them locally, gathered them from my backyard or suggest places online to purchase them. I have purchased from several of the vendors I have discussed and I have been happy with all of my purchases, so far. The few times there were issues, the vendors were very responsive in making things right.

  9. Etty says:

    Hi please does anyone know which reindeer moss can I use with live plants. I tried many option but they wash out when I put water on the live plants.

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      Hello Etty, thank you for visiting Tiny Green Gardens. You mention that the color ‘washes out’ when you water the reindeer moss. Unfortunately, that’s common with dyed mosses. Please check out my post on Reply

  • Carol Flaherty says:

    I would like to grow moss in my apartment to add to the humidity. I am thinking of a fairly large surface area . . 1 foot to 2 foot, not exactly tiny but not huge. I’m wondering about putting it into a large flat cake pan, but I don’t know enough about it to know if I need to have an outlet for the water or if moss don’t mind “wet feet.” Please advise on which of your products might work for adding humidity plus what I should have available in terms of pots and soil to keep the plant/s healthy. Thank you.

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      Hi Carol,

      I’m a hobbyist gardener. I’m not selling anything; just giving free suggestions and advice. I’m thinking a moss garden that large would be a challenge to keep happy and healthy. If you do give it a go I would think you should primarily water with a spray bottle and keep it moist, but, not wet. If I may make a suggestion… under the circumstances you mention, I would try getting some African violets or other house plants (that match your available light conditions) and a humidity tray like this one.

      Good luck!

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