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Fairy Garden Swings

I love Pinterest. I really do. It is often my number one place for finding crafty ideas, color inspiration and of course, fairy garden ideas. Unfortunately, they do not always make it clear which items are for sale, which items offer nothing more than a “tadah, look what I made” photo, link to nothing or actually link to a usable tutorial. So, with that in mind, I set out to create my own post full of options for tiny green gardeners looking for fairy garden swings.

DIY Fairy Garden Swings

This first group of fairy garden swings offer a variety of DIY options. Depending upon the materials you have on hand and your level of craftiness, I’m sure there’s at least one that would work for you.

The Tire Swing

tire-swing-3There are so many charming variations on how to make a fairy garden tire swing. The best looking ones seem to use rubber tires. A swing could be created by just tying a tire onto a bit of cord. For a neater appearance, create s small hole in the edge of the tire. Insert the cord in the hole, tie a knot and hide the knot in the rim of the tire. You could also hang the tire sideways with three cords; like this people-sized tire swing.

If you can’t find a rubber tire, you can use just about any small toy tire for your swing and just tie it to the cord.

There are lots of folks offering homemade and manufactured fairy garden tire swings. However, like their human-sized originals, I think homemade often looks better anyway. No tires? Hit your local thrift or $1 store and you’re bound to find a toy with removable wheels.

Kaia’s Twig Swing

Kaia-twig-swingA crafty mom shares the charming fairy garden she made for her daughter Kaia.

She created a generously long post that explains a number of the creations she included in their little magical garden. The swing tute is near the end of the post.

She made this cute little swing from a piece of bark and a number of twigs.

This picture shows all of the places where she glued the twigs together but they recommend dabbing a bit of paint on the glue to hide it and make it pretty for the resident fairies. Or, you could glue a bit of moss on the joints like Nicole did in her version shown below.

Link to their site – The Juise.


Nicole’s Twig Swing

nicole-twig-swingNicole has shared a tutorial for her version of a twig fairy swing. She created her swing frame much like Kaia’s mom did but she pairs a slightly curved twig with each straight one to create a more triangular shape.

She created her swing frame much like Kaia’s mom did but she pairs a slightly curved twig with each straight one to create a more triangular shape.

Nicole’s version uses a few jewelry-making components – a bit of chain, eye pins and jump rings to hang her swing. How clever was she using reindeer moss to hide her glue?

Unfortunately, her website appears to be gone. But, thanks to the folks at Web Archive, we can still view her clever tutorial from Shabby Beach Nest. If all of the photos don’t load the first time, try reloading the page and they should all show up.

Wire Porch Swing

pandadiy-wire-swingI’m not generally a fan of when someone takes someone else’s tutorial, takes each of the photographic instructions and creates one picture with the entire tutorial. They often come from Duitang, a sort of Chinese version of Pinterest. The original creator is rarely given credit and oftentimes the project has been copied out of a book still in copyright. I’m making a bit of an exception by including this wire swing project since the original watermark is in place and the site identified in that watermark is no longer online. (If this is indeed a protected work, I will gladly remove it from this list.)

The tutorial is entirely in picture form. The didn’t include measurements for the wires. It does seem that with a bit of trial and error, and perhaps a bit of patience this metal fairy garden swing project is doable for most of us.

Here’s the link – Duitang.

Wooden Porch-Style Swing

porch-swing-minitimemachineThis timeless classic might not work for every fairy garden, but what fairy wouldn’t want a swing as lovely as this one in her garden? The instructions are provided by the Mini Time Machine, a magical museum dedicated to miniatures in Tucson, AZ. Through the dioramas, dollhouses and other vignettes they have created what amounts to a “mini time machine.”

Though you will be working with small pieces, the instructions call for using a mitre saw. However, I suspect patient sanding with a little help from a craft knife just might get the job done if you don’t have a saw.

Here’s a link to the page which includes a link to their PDF with instructions – Mini Time Machine.

Fairy Garden Swings on Amazon

Amazon is certainly not the only place where you can buy fairy garden swings. However, they are the number one online retailer for a reason. And besides, when you are probably buying stuff from them anyway, why not buy a little something special for your favorite fairy and her garden?

Doll House Swing

If you like a traditional front-porch style swing and don’t want to make your own from Mini Time Machine’s tutorial, this sweet little dollhouse swing might be perfect for your fairy garden.

You’ll need to devise a way to hang this swing but part of what we like about it is that the chain length is adjustable.

The wooden swing is made for indoor play. If you plan on using it outside, you might prolong its use by giving it a quick coat of sealant or painting it. After all, maybe your resident fairy or fairy gardener would prefer their swing to be painted in their favorite color or colors anyway.

The swing is 4.5″ wide, 1.75″ tall and 1.5″ deep – it’s a 1:12 scale piece designed for a scale of 1 inch represents 1 foot.


Enchanted Tree & Tire Swing

This just seems like such a perfect magical addition to any fairy garden – an enchanted tree with a tire swing. A smiling grandpa tree welcomes everyone to the garden with his tire swing sign. This resin piece is waterproof and could be used indoors and out.

The tree measures 9 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide. You’ll receive 2 pieces – the grandpa tree and the swing. You can drape the swing over the tree branches or make a stand of some sort to create a separate fairy garden swing.

He is a bit pricy but it seems virtually everyone who has purchased one loves it. Be careful when opening the box. The swing is packaged in its own compartment within the protected styrofoam and could easily be overlooked.


Swinging Fairy

How sweet is this? You’ll be inviting a magical fairy into your tiny green garden when you add one of these charming miniature garden swings to your collection. A pretty pixie sits on leaf suspended by rope. You will need to devise a way to hang it but we’re confident you’ll come up with a great solution. Maybe make something like the structures we shared with you from Kaia and Nicole?

The pixie and her swing are made from Polystone. They measure 5.25″ x 6″ x 9″

Tree House with Swing

If your tiny green garden is the domain of your little one, you might want to check out this tree house. It’s by Calico Critters – so it fits their characters and the PetShop characters. It is the priciest of the miniature swings we’re sharing. However, it’s also one that could be played with and enjoyed for hours at a time.

The Calico Critters Adventure Tree House measures 13″ x 11.5″ x 15″; making it also the largest of our swing set choices. But this set is so much more than just a swing set.

The entire structure sits on a green “grass” base. A three-story tree provides three levels of play space. Tree house visitors can use the little, detachable ladder to climb to the second story. The second story includes a porch with an attached ladder to the third story and a room with space for furniture and other accessories. A small house, with a working door and two windows is included that can be placed on the third story or used at ground level. If that were all this set came with, it would still be cute; but, that’s only the beginning.

There’s a railing to keep little visitors safe on the third floor. It reminds me of the twisted branch fencing used with log homes in our area. A cute little birdhouse can be hung from the tallest part of the tree. Steps along the tree trunk provide access to the top of the tree and the birdhouse. And everyone can enjoy a quick descent to the ground with the slide. Also included in the set is a tiny bucket with a pully. It attaches to a branch of the tree on the third floor. A bench-style swing hangs from some of the lower branches too.

It’s super cute and will provide hours of pretend play.


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