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Terrarium Starter Kit with Plants

Had I found this on Amazon before I built my own terrarium, well, let’s just say I probably would have taken a different approach.

Terrarium Starter Kit

  • 3 live plants
  • charcoal
  • potting soil
  • river rocks
  • sheet moss

This terrarium starter kit comes with everything you need to plant a tiny green garden in your own glass container. Need some advice on finding a container? Check out our post – Making a Terrarium – Where to Buy the Supplies.

You will receive three miniature plants similar to those shown. The grower ships different plants depending upon the season. You will also receive terrarium potting soil. The kit also comes with river rocks and carbonized charcoal to create a drainage and water filtration system for your terrarium. As I found out, carbonized charcoal can be a little challenging to find and you’ll most likely have to purchase more than you need. This terrarium starter kit comes with a nice amount that seems to work well for a smaller sized container (don’t forget to rinse it before using it and you might need a bit more if you plant on using a larger-sized container for your terrarium).

To decorate your terrarium, you’ll also receive some sheet moss and some river rocks.

The best part of this terrarium starter kit with plants is that other than finding that special container for your garden, you won’t end up running all over town to find the parts and pieces like I did. And, if you need a container, you can get one like the 1 Gallon Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Glass Lidded Cookie Jar ; it sounds like a great size for the amount of supplies provided with the terrarium starter kit. (I purchased the Anchor Hocking 2-Gallon Heritage Hill Jar with Glass Lid for my terrarium and absolutely love it!)

If you have your own source for plants, they also have the terrarium starter kit without the plants – Terrarium starter kit from JM Bamboo.

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