Welcome to Tiny Green Gardens!

I've always been fascinated by tiny things and plants are no exception. The recent revival of interest in miniature gardens and terrariums have led to the highly popular concept of fairy gardening. I invite you to join me on my tiny gardening endeavors and I'll share with you my successes and hopefully, not too many failures.

Along the way, I'll also share some of my favorite tiny green gardening decorations, accessories and plants; many of which can be found online.

Tim and Gerty, my little frog and worm mascots, say hello. They will be along for the ride and are excited about being a part of this site and can't wait to meet the fairies who will be visiting our tiny green gardens.

What is a florarium?

What is a Florarium?

Filed under: Terrariums

After a chance spotting of a new term, I seek to explain what is a florarium – is it a terrarium filled with flowers or something else?

DIY Terrariums for Kids

Filed under: Garden Kits Terrariums

Several years ago Mom and I accidentally gifted each other with the same little terrarium kit for kids. It was kinda cute and sorta worked but it was basically a fancy seed starting kit. The instructions were terrible – faithfully following the rehydration instructions for the growing medium only created a soupy mess. That said, […]

DuneCraft Terrarium Inclusions

Terrarium Kits for Kids

Filed under: 100 Pennies Store Garden Kits

Hoping to infect your little ones with the gardening bug? Or maybe you’re trying to teach botany at home this year? Have you considered one of the terrarium kits for kids? They range from simple little plastic domes to table-top sized enclosures on up to more adult-like glass versions. Our family no longer has little […]

tiny rain forest street grafiti

Tiny Forest

Filed under: Random Ideas

Today’s post a free smile from a fun bit of street grafiti – a tiny rain forest.

frosted fern photo from Forest and Starr

Frosted Fern

Filed under: Miniature Plants Terrariums

All it took was the question, “What is the plant in that picture?” and off I went to find out. It appears to be a frosted fern. While not truly a fern, it is a most interesting plant. Learn about caring for one and where to buy a frosted fern.

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