Welcome to Tiny Green Gardens!

I've always been fascinated by tiny things and plants are no exception. The recent revival of interest in miniature gardens and terrariums have led to the highly popular concept of fairy gardening. I invite you to join me on my tiny gardening endeavors and I'll share with you my successes and hopefully, not too many failures.

Along the way, I'll also share some of my favorite tiny green gardening decorations, accessories and plants; many of which can be found online.

Tim and Gerty, my little frog and worm mascots, say hello. They will be along for the ride and are excited about being a part of this site and can't wait to meet the fairies who will be visiting our tiny green gardens.

British Soldier Lichen

Filed under: Miniature Plants

I knew I would buy British Soldier Lichen for my terrariums. I received some beautiful specimens, am sharing my research and how I plan on caring for them.

Partridgeberry Vine

Filed under: Miniature Plants

Partridgeberry is a wonderful flowering vine that has bright red berries all winter. It makes a great terrarium plant too; it looks pretty growing with moss.

Watch Chain Plant

Filed under: Miniature Plants

I generally don’t have a great deal of luck growing succulents. I suspect I generally don’t find that middle ground of minimal watering and bright sunlight without cooking them to death, overwatering or letting them starve for water. But, my watch chain plant seems to love the window it’s in and my infrequent watering. From […]

Miniature Palm Trees

Filed under: Fairy Garden Accessories

I talked once before about making palm trees but the ones included in the Romantic Aegean Sea Beach House Kit are way cuter. Best of all, I think you can purchase all of the supplies and duplicate them fairly easily. The miniature palm trees are made with three strands of wire, a bit of paper […]

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