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Elfin Thyme Plants

creeping-thyme-leavesElfin thyme is one of the hottest plants available right now. Originally sold as a ‘walkable’, creeping groundcover, this tiny-leaved blooming herb is very popular with people creating their own tiny green gardens. Whether you plan on making a fairy garden or a terrarium, this is definitely a plant you should consider.

As you can see from my photo, the leaves are itty bitty and hairy. Don’t you just love the hairy aspect of it?

I purchased a small pot of elfin thyme last week. I planned on using it in a small fairy garden and adding a bit to a terrarium I am building.

It has been sitting on the kitchen table for several days and I already see signs of it getting straggly and reaching for the sun.

I don’t think I would recommend it for a terrarium as terrariums should not be kept in direct sunlight and my elfin thyme is clearly showing its preference for lots of light.

blooming elfin thymeThyme is one of those plants that tends to cross-polinate easily so just be forewarned, not everything being sold as creeping or elfin thyme is the same exact plant.

For the most part the size is the same but the color of the flowers might vary a bit from pale lavender to hot pink. My favorite varieties are the ones that have the bright pink flowers with little purple stripes like those in this photo I found by Andy.

I purchased my plant at a local nursery, from an end of season clearance pile, but there is at least one seller on Amazon offering live elfin thyme plants for sale.

Hirt’s Gardens has been selling plants since 1915. They sell Elfin Thyme Plant – Thymus minus – Smallest Thyme in the World and a variety hard-to-find perennials, unusual and exotic house plants and seeds and bulbs from around the world. If they’re out of stock, you could try the Elfin Thyme Plants from Winter Greenhouse.

They are offering thymus minus plants in 3 inch containers. Plants are hardy in zones 3-10. They love the sun and the flowers emit a spicy fragrance.


Tiny Green Gardens Elfin Thyme Ordering Comments & Suggestions

  • This is a live plant. You should immediately open the shipping box to ensure your plant is in good condition and properly hydrated.
  • Elfin thyme is also known as mother of thyme, Breckland thyme, creeping thyme and wild thyme.
  • You can divide elfin thyme plants when they become densely woody.
  • This variety of thyme grows in a creeping manner. Left untended, it could overrun other plants in your fairy garden.
  • Thyme flowers attract butterflies and bees. (Be mindful of bees visiting your outdoor fairy garden if small children will be tending the garden.)
  • This variety of thyme generally grows less than 3 inches tall and can spread 6 inches wide.
  • Leaves are fragrant and similar to mint though some varieties of creeping thyme might have a slightly lemony scent.
  • Flowers are generally deep pink to purple but can, on rare occasions, be white.
  • Elfin thyme freely roots along the ground. Trim branches and preserve the roots to create ‘baby’ plants.

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