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Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

Part craft kit and part gardening kit, this Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit by Faber-Castell will delight budding gardeners who delight in tiny green gardens and the fairies that may call them home. This kit comes with everything you need to create your own tabletop fairy garden.

It comes with an 11 inch plastic fairy garden dish, Hannah the flower fairy, a resin fairy house, a pair of resin toadstools, glass stones, tulle butterflies and a fabric flower bouquet to place in your fairy garden. The kit comes with a set of six acrylic paints and a paint brush to paint and personalize your fairy garden dish, fairy house and toadstools.

Use the included purple gravel to create a magical path to your fairy’s front door. Use the sparkling gems, glass-opti stones and glittery pixie dust to add even more magic to your own tiny green garden.

The Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden also includes a packet of seeds with wheatgrass and beans and potting soil.

Illustrated instructions are included or can be downloaded here.

Recommended for children ages 7 and up. Warning: Choking Hazard-small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Contents conform to ASTM D4236.

Tiny Green Gardens Comments & Suggestions

  • This is a kit where the child will be painting and decorating the garden dish, fairy house and toadstools. You will need to wait for the paint to dry completely before assembling your garden.
  • According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the acrylic paint included with this kit dries permanently on most surfaces and can stain clothing. Protect work surfaces and clothing accordingly.
  • A number of customers mentioned the need to add a bit of their own dirt. Before presenting your little one with the Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden, you might want to grab a bit of dirt from the back yard or pick up a small bag locally just in case.
  • The kit includes wheatgrass seeds. Grass-growing kits for cats often includes wheatgrass seeds. Tiny Green Gardens strongly urges you to keep your Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden away from any resident felines as they might trample the fairies and eat your child’s garden.
  • Grass grown indoors does not tend to live long. Your young gardener should be encouraged to tend her garden and keep the grass trimmed and reseeded.
  • If you need replacement grass seed, check out your local “weed and feed” store. They often sell a variety of grass and wheat seed by the pound. You will be surprised how much you can get for not very much money.
  • Be mindful of overwatering. The Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden pot is designed to sit on tabletops and does not have drainage holes. Adding some gravel in the bottom might help with drainage. Watering with a spray mister might make a good option to prevent over-eager watering.

Where to Buy the Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

You can purchase this item directly from Faber Castell but you will pay full suggested retail plus $5.99 for shipping.

There are a number of options for buying the Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden kit on Amazon. There are several vendors, including Amazon themselves, who sell this cute fairy gardening kit (often below full MSRP) and with free shipping.

2 Responses to Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

  1. Cassie says:

    Bought this for my daughter and our kit did not include seeds or beans. My seven year old is very disappointed.

    • Tiny Green Gardens aka Michele says:

      My goodness, I bet your daughter was disappointed. My site discusses the products but I am no way involved with the actual sale (Amazon) or manufacturing (Faber Castell). I do try to only feature products where I have either purchased it myself or the reviews (across several sites) are mostly positive. I haven’t purchased this exact kit, but, I have experienced the disappointment of getting a plant kit without the seeds. In our case, it was a little bonsai kit with no seeds or soil.

      Faber Castell has changed their website significantly since 2014, when I wrote about this garden kit. However, I did find where they have a place that you can tell them about your lack of seeds and I truly hope they will send replacements to you quickly. – I also noticed that someone else had the same issue and it was suggested they email to request replacement seeds.

      Amazon is also quite good about returns.

      Maybe, and I hate suggesting you spend more money for something you should have received in the first place, but, maybe you could find a smallish packet of wheat grass seeds somewhere. Many “weed and feed” stores sell them by the pound and you could get a fairly large amount for next to nothing. If you want to keep the grass growing, you might want to get a stash of grass anyway. We have grown wheat grass for our kitties and unless you continually reseed, it doesn’t last all that long when grown in a pot.

      I do hope Faber Castell sends you some replacement seeds. And, please let me know how they respond to your request so I can share your experience on my site and either suggest families purchase this kit in a retail store (where they can verify the seeds are in the box prior to purchasing) or if they should perhaps plan ahead and buy seeds when they buy the kit.

      Warmest Regards,


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