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Fairy Gardening Tools

When working with miniaturized plants and decorative fairy gardens, you don’t want to be using large gardening tools that can damage your little¬†plants and fairy garden accessories. Sure, you could raid the kitchen silverware drawer for a shovel, aka a spoon; but, you still wouldn’t have a pint-sized clippers, rake or a charming bag to carry them in.

Indoor Fairy Gardening Tool Set

With the Wrapables Indoor Gardening Tool Set you can have a complete set of small gardening tools perfect for maintaining your tiny green garden or indoor plants.

As you can see, these fairy gardening tools include a pruner, snips, trowel, rake, shovel and a glass spray bottle – everything you would need to keep your terrarium, fairy or moss garden looking at its best. The canvas tote bag has eight pockets, brass grommets, elastic tool bands and a reinforced bottom. The bag measures 8 x 6 x 7 inches and the entire set weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Customers report that the Wrapables Indoor Gardening Tool Set is perfect for tiny green gardens but is not a good choice for vegetable gardens and other heavy gardening. They mention it works well for the smaller plants and plants grown inside. When not in use, the entire kit of fairy gardening tools becomes a charming conversation piece that will have friends and family asking where you bought it and wanting to know how can they get one too. Makes a great gift for indoor gardeners and tiny green garden lovers.

Handy Tool Kit

Another option, which would also make a great gift, is this sweet little roll-up gardening kit.

The carry-all holds the tools and rolls up for storage.

It’s got everything you would need for a tiny green garden.

They’re not for heavy duty gardening and may not last long if you don’t treat them kindly. But, if your garden and plants are tiny, they’re just perfect.

The little scoops and drip bottle are worth the price of the entire kit. When moving small amounts of dirt around, a kitchen spoon works, but often spills as much as it moves. The little scoops allow for precision placement without making a mess.

If you can’t see everything in the photo, this set includes:

  • organizer bag
  • 250ml sport drip bottle with curved spout
  • miniature rake, shovel and spade
  • air dust blower
  • seedling digger tool
  • small hole digger
  • little scoop
  • tweezers & nippers
  • cleaning brush
  • and a cute little plastic bucket shovel

Aquarium Tools

If your terrarium is one that is home to plants and fish, you’ll already know that tools made for aquariums/vivariums are great for getting deep down into tiny places without disturbing your little plants.

Many of the tools in the other miniature gardening kits can be replaced with things found in our kitchens. But, this aquarium tools set has tools with extra long handles and are designed for working with small and fragile plants. It includes straight tweezers, curved tweezers, straight scissor, curved scissor and a spatula/shovel.

The set is made of stainless steel and should last a long time.

Decorative Fairy Gardening Tools

If your family is anything like our’s, more than once you’ve probably forgotten to gather all of your tools at the end of the day. Hopefully, those tools you left behind didn’t get ruined or hurt anyone.

The last miniature gardening tool set I thought I would share with you are ones that are purely decorative. You might get a little work done with them. But, it’s more likely you’ll scatter them in your fairy garden as charming decorations.

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