Miniature Plants - Buyer's Guide for Terrariums and Fairy Gardens

One of the most important aspects of designing a fairy garden or terrarium is finding the right plants for your space. The search obviously begins by looking for miniature plants to include in your tiny green gardens. Then you have to consider the water, humidity and light requirements of each plant to determine if they can thrive in the same environment.

I would love to ask some folks, who are mixing succulents and ferns in terrariums, what their little ecosystems look like after a few months. Once I get my terrarium and fairy gardens set up, I hope to share with you how things progress so perhaps we can learn together what works and what clearly doesn’t.

In the meantime, this section of Tiny Green Gardens should help you find the right miniature plants to buy for your fairies and container gardens.

Miniature Ivy

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Buying miniature ivy from Miniature Gardening on Amazon. The story of a gorgeous plant, some uninvited guests and great customer service. Plant info too.

British Soldier Lichen

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I knew I would buy British Soldier Lichen for my terrariums. I received some beautiful specimens, am sharing my research and how I plan on caring for them.

Partridgeberry Vine

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Partridgeberry is a wonderful flowering vine that has bright red berries all winter. It makes a great terrarium plant too; it looks pretty growing with moss.

Watch Chain Plant

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I generally don’t have a great deal of luck growing succulents. I suspect I generally don’t find that middle ground of minimal watering and bright sunlight without cooking them to death, overwatering or letting them starve for water. But, my watch chain plant seems to love the window it’s in and my infrequent watering. From […]

Red Stem Pilea – an Update

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Red stem pilea appears to be a plant that’s super easy to propagate but if allowed to get leggy, it might be very hard to keep alive. And, it hates being dry.

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