Welcome to Tiny Green Gardens!

I've always been fascinated by tiny things and plants are no exception. The recent revival of interest in miniature gardens and terrariums have led to the highly popular concept of fairy gardening. I invite you to join me on my tiny gardening endeavors and I'll share with you my successes and hopefully, not too many failures.

Along the way, I'll also share some of my favorite tiny green gardening decorations, accessories and plants; many of which can be found online.

Tim and Gerty, my little frog and worm mascots, say hello. They will be along for the ride and are excited about being a part of this site and can't wait to meet the fairies who will be visiting our tiny green gardens.

What are terrariums? Part II

Filed under: Terrariums

Answering the question what are terrariums starts with how these mini ecosystems work and how moisture control is only one part of the equation for success.

What is a Terrarium?

Filed under: Terrariums

We answer the question, ‘What is a terrarium’ and explain how they were invented almost 200 years ago by an amateur botanist.

Fairy Garden Swings

Filed under: Fairy Garden Accessories

Love the look of fairy garden swings? Check out options from DIY to store bought miniatures and children’s play sets to add a bit of fun for your fairy garden residents.

Elfin Thyme Plants

Filed under: Miniature Plants

Elfin thyme plants have tiny leaves which makes them a great choice for fairy gardens. Learn about growing creeping thyme and about buying plants online.

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